ATV Adventures
View the Canadian Wilderness and wildlife with an attitude!!!!
This TONS of fun Package includes:
cottage, dinner on day of arrival, breakfast on day of departure. 1 - 4 wheeler [ ATV ] per guest 16 years of age or older. All gas for bikes, hundreds of miles of wilderness trails, an experienced trail guide, refreshments and lunch on the trails.

Price per person per day: $285.00

As ad on to a fishing package: $155.00
not included; tax, gratuities

We have several trails with varying degrees of difficulty. Literally, hundreds of miles of vast untouched areas with just you, your bike, and nature! Although ALL are sure to be one of the most exhilarating outdoor fun activities one could ever imagine!

ATV accolades :

“ Your 4 wheeler adventure rides are AWESOME experience! I highly recommend any visitor to your area to try this”
R. Rotts, IN.

“ ATV trail rides are a fantastic break from just an ordinary fishing trip. Something the whole family is still talking about, thanks”
S. Breidigan, Fl.

“Bikes were a terrific way to view your wonderful country in a way few people could say they experienced anything like it. Thank you.”
R. Mikrut, Il.

“ Just Amazing! The greatest side trip we could have ever imagined. The whole family had a blast! “
M. Sipes, Wi.

“We saw more wildlife in one day, than in our entire last three Canadian vacations, Thanks “
R.Reed, Tx.


With ......... Dan “ Canada Dan “ Lecuyer

The following questions are those that have been most asked by ATV Adventurers inquiring and coming on one of our ATV Adventures. They may help in answering several questions you your self may have. However, as we treat each adventure and each guest  as important as the last, we welcome any questions you may have in regards to our facilities, and our ATV Adventure.

Q: Iv never operated a ATV before. Are they difficult to drive? Do you help provide instructions? Can someone older like my mother and father [ they are in their late 60's ] operate these if they decided they would come along?

A: ATV’s are indeed very safe to operate. Like anything else it depends upon the operator. We go over the bike with each client, all the functions as well as proper operation. Once your guide is sure you have good operating skills, and knowledge of operation. Only then will your exciting trail ride and fun begin. Operating the bikes are very easy, your parents will have no trouble. They are very easy to drive, steer and are comfortable to ride on. Your trail guide also rides with your group on the entire trail ride.

Q: Is there a minimum age to operate your ATV’s? I have two teens one, 14 and one 16 year old?

A: Yes, there is a minimum age of 16 years of age to operate a ATV in Ontario. Your 16 year old can drive there own, and the 14 year old will have to ride with an adult.

Q: What do you include with the trail ride package? Do I have to bring my own helmet?

A: We furnish you new or late model ATV, all gas for the bike, safety helmet and lunch. The rest depends on the trail ride page your on.

Q: Can I bring one of my own bikes? If I can is there any brake in your rates?

A: Yes, you can bring your own ATV. You would be responsible for your own bike and gas. There is a discount on the trail ride package if you bring your own ATV, and is listed.

Q: How long are the trail rides?

A: You will leave the main base around 8 am. - 8:30 am. And drive to the location of the trails. After unloading the bikes, and your guide reviewing your abilities. Adding further instructions where needed. Normally your ready to ride by approx. 9:30 - 10 am. Ride the trails and back to the pick up point by approx. 3:30 pm - 4pm loading the bikes back on trailer then back the the main base.

Q: Couldn’t we get lost on these trails? What happens if there is a brake down out on the trails?

A: There is no way you will get lost on your trail rides, as you will have a trail guide running the trails with you. Although all our bikes are either new or late model, that doesn’t mean they cannot have the odd problem. Your trail guide will have a verity of tools, air pump along to fix whatever may happen and get you back on your way.

Q: What if I were staying with my family, vacationing at another camp, lodge or motel in the area.. Could I and my family still try one of your trail rides?

A: Yes, we have several packages and one of them is actually set up for just that occasion.

Q: What other things can one do If we stayed with you and didn’t want to ride bikes every day?

A: Yes there are several options for you which we would gladly help make arrangements for as well as price out for you. For example; you could horse back ride one day, golf on a beautiful 6800 yard course, go on a one day, 4 wheel drive in fishing trip for exceptional walleye, or some of the most exciting small mouth bass / northern pike fishing ever! Also go on a fully guided fishing trip on lake of the woods in a 21' guide boat with 150 hp motor. Just give us a call and tell us what you would like to experience along with your ATV adventure, will help make it happen!


Dan Lecuyer

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